[ A L P H A ] PROJECT - Major Evolution in Helmet History !

Forget all the other helmets which haven't undergone Evolution. From one idea, the future is now reality! Darwin would be proud !

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What is Golem Innovation?

Golem Innovation, it's the story of an idea born in the head of a man, a little bit "stubborn" and is the result of 5 years of work in the shadow, some encounters with extraordinary people (they'll recognize themselves...), many sleepless nights, technical challenges, research of financial solutions (thank you for investors who believe in us), a mountain of published and read documents, myriad of contacts around the world, a great human adventure and the path of an entrepreneur who never lets the quest to see his product marketed.

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the Alpha Helmet


Comfortably resting on your shoulders.


Superior resistance, no choke system, etc.
Because security is non negociable!

Ready for sports

We already support many sports such as winter sports, cycling, rock climbing or aquatic sports.

Made with Passion

A dream of 5 years that comes true!

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